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mimetite_calcite_mapimi1.jpg (46587 bytes) mimetite_calcite_mapimi2.jpg (57795 bytes) CAL-1   Calcite and Mimetite - Mapimi, Durango, Mexico;  $25 2.75 x 2 inches (7 x 5 cm)

Very sharp glassy calcite rhombs partially cover golden brown botryoidal mimetite.  This one is perfect and very aesthetic.  Reserved

calcite_wales1a.jpg (36001 bytes) CAL-5  Calcite – Ton Mawr Quarry, Pentyrch, near Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales; 5.5 x 5 cm, $20,  This piece consists primarily of one large stacked rhombohedral crystal 4.5 cm long with a nice termination. This ones attractive and in good condition and would make a nice addition to a calcite collection.
calcite_wales2a.jpg (52909 bytes) CAL-6  Calcite – Taffs Well Quarry, Pentyrch, near Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales; 4.5 x 4 cm, $8,  Nice lustrous glassy small (4 mm) rhombs cover the surface. This piece is in excellent condition and would make a good locality specimen for a calcite collection.
calcite_bisbee1a.jpg (37605 bytes) CAL-7  Calcite – Southwest Mine, Bisbee, AZ;  6.5 x 4 cm, $25,  Superb sample of cavern-like calcite growth from one of America’s premier mineral locations. The calcite grades from a crystal growth to a curving twisted round growth at the end. The piece is perfect and would make a great addition to any collection especially calcite or a Western US suite. A few blue-green specs from copper inclusions. This piece came from the auction of long time Tri-State District mineral dealer Brown’s Minerals in Joplin, MO and was likely collected 30+ years ago as none of these have been collected for years. 
calcite_world1a.jpg (48454 bytes) CAL-10  Calcite - World Wide Mine, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona ; 16 x 11 cm, $20,   Large plate covered by glassy bladed crystals to 1.5 cm.  Not real attractive but its a large piece from an unusual AZ location in excellent condition.

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