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FL-1  Fluorite and Quartz with Mica (Lepidolite?) - Huallapon Mine, Pasta Bueno , Ancash Dept., Peru; 4.5 x 3 inches (11.5 x 8 cm)

Very attractive and unusual combination with gemmy clear purple green zoned fluorite with slender quartz crystals and a pale lavender mica (lepidolite or muscovite). The fluorite cubes also have sharp dodecahedral faces on the crystals. I know dealers like to say things are a one time find but this stuff appears to be the real deal. While at the Denver Show a couple of years ago I kept looking for more of these neat fluorites with the various Peruvian Dealers. I finally saw a piece in one of the rooms and asked if they had any more like it. They proceeded to tell me it was their last piece that had come from a unique find made a couple of years earlier and nothing like had been found since. They also wanted around $100 for it and it wasn’t nearly as good as this piece I am selling. This is a must for any fluorite collectors out there or lovers of unusual and attractive multi-mineral combination specimens. There is some minor damage but it is still a nice display piece. If you are not happy simply send it back for a full refund. I have access to a couple more pieces from my source but this is the best of the lot. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t miss this one and expect another to come down the road anytime soon.  $130

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FL-2  Fluorite - Niaca, Chihuahua, Mexico; 

Water clear cubes with bevelled edges and corners.  Minor cleave to one cube is so clean it doesn't distract from the piece.   1.25" x 3" (3.5 x 5 cm) and with an old Eugene Schlepp label.    The back of the label states it was purchased at the Midwest Federation Show in Columbus, OH on Friday 8/3/79.  $25


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FL-3  Quartz on Fluorite - El Hammam Mine, Atlas Mts, Azron, Morocco;  2.5 x 3 inches (6.5 x 8 cm)

Bright sparkling  drusy quartz cover the green stepped cubic fluorite crystals for a pretty effect in normal lighting. Then you turn it over and turn on the black light. The back is made up of     fluorescent fluorite that glows purple-blue nicely in the black light.  $30

fluor_p_ridge1.jpg (35495 bytes) FL-4  Fluorite - Pea Ridge Mine, Sullivan, MO;

From the deepest underground Iron Mine in the US and maybe the world come a specimen with the typical dusting of red and/or black hematite.   The piece is a TN size cube with the red dusting of hematite for $8.  I have more of these in sizes from 8 mm to 20 mm ranging in price from $4-10 depending on quality. These pieces came from older workings in the mine  as fluorite hasn't come to the market from here for about 15 years.  These were from an old stash from a Missouri collector.

fluorite_co4a.jpg (54388 bytes) FL-5  Quartz on Fluorite - Nancy Hanks Claims, Mesa Co., CO; $10

Deep green fluorite in octahedral crystals make up the 3.5 x 2.5 cm piece. Drusy quartz crystals cover part of the surface and the fluorite is somewhat frosted in appearance. It does fluoresce nicely in the UV and the back shows casts of some large blocky crystals the fluorite grew on (earlier fluorite?). This one looks much better than the photo and would make a nice addition to your fluorite collection for $10

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FL-6  Fluorite on Barite – Walker Vein, Caldwell Stone Co. Quarry, Danville, Boyle Co., KY ;  4 x 2 cm;   $15

Pale purple cubes to 8 mm on long stalactitic barite blades. Unusual crystallization as well as a good reference specimen. Collected by Alan Goldstein 2/26/00 .

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