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Welcome to the Emineralshow presentation of the Minerals of Southern Illinois Fluorspar district. The mines here have produced what is arguably the widest variety of colorful fluorite specimens in the world. Many outstanding specimens of associated minerals have also been found.  Outstanding specimens of calcite, barite, sphalerite, galena and strontianite often in combinations with each other and fluorite were produced. The world's best specimens of the rarer minerals witherite and benstonite were also found. Unfortunately the mines have now been closed for a number of years and no new specimens are coming out. The minerals on the following pages have been purchased from old collections or have been put back in my personal stash for a number of years now .

sphalerite_hardin1a.jpg (66392 bytes) sphalerite_hardin1b.jpg (70497 bytes) FL2-10  Sphalerite and Barite - Crystal Mine - Hardin Co., IL;  9 x 5 cm

Dark crystals of sphalerite with a deep ruby color in bright light are sprinkled all over the matrix.  There are a few barite blades in association.  This piece came from a old collection put together before 1963 and was self collected according to the catalogue.  A good reference piece that comes from one of the rarer mines to find a specimen from.  The only piece I have in my collection came from this same old collection.  $12

fluorite_hardin57a.jpg (56368 bytes) FL2-14  Calcite on Fluorite - Denton Mine, Hardin Co., IL;  7 x 7 cm

Attractive combination piece with the calcites nicely spread about the fluorite.  $70

fluorite_hardin22a.jpg (64509 bytes) FL2-17  Bitumen on Fluorite - Minerva #1 Mine, Hardin Co., IL;  4 x 3 cm

This piece looks like black fluorite but it is actually a dark purple coated with a shiny black layer of natural bitumen.  Sharp crystal in excellent condition would help fill out a suite.  $15

barite_flour_hardin3a.jpg (59906 bytes) barite_flour_hardin3b.jpg (48798 bytes) FL2-19  Barite on Fluorite - Hardin Co., IL;  6 x 4 cm

Sharp arrowhead shaped barite crystal rises from a group of barite crystals sitting on a group of dark purple somewhat dull fluorite crystals.  Displays well with only a couple of broken barite crystals.  $30

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