Illinois Fluorite 3


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fluorite_hardin38a.jpg (41528 bytes)fluorite_hardin38b.jpg (38231 bytes) IF1-2  Fluorite - Minerva #1 Mine, Hardin Co., IL; 6 x 3.5 cm

Nice specimen with superb zoning you can see when back-lit in the close-up.  Deep purple lustrous pair of cubes with the largest 3.5 cm looks darker when not backlit.  Some rubbing on the corners is all that keep this from perfection. $60 Reserved

fluorite_hardin12a.jpg (42370 bytes) fluorite_hardin12b.jpg (52847 bytes) fluorite_hardin12c.jpg (58527 bytes) IF1-11    Chalcopyrite on/in Fluorite

Hardin Co., IL;  6 x 5 cm

Fine gemmy pale blue fluorite with a great purple phantom and good sized (nearly 3 mm) chalcopyrite crystals on and trapped as inclusions in the fluorite.  Some calcite crystals are  scattered about the sides and bottom.   These and the fluorite crystal faces on all sides attest that this piece was broken from the matrix underground and later continued to crystallize.  Top photo shows backlit with natural light.  An unusual color for the location.   $85 Reserved

fluorite_barite_hardin2a.jpg (77662 bytes) fluorite_barite_hardin2b.jpg (70866 bytes) IF1-14  Barite on Fluorite - Denton Mine, Harris Creek District, Hardin Co., IL;  6.5 x 5 cm

Nice cluster of sharp pale violet crystals with a preferential coating of barite crystals.  Spear shaped barite crystals up to 7 mm long provide a nice contrast with the fluorite.  The barite and fluorite are in excellent condition and would make a fine addition to any Southern Illinois suite.    $50 Reserved

fluorite_hardin16a.jpg (56262 bytes) fluorite_hardin16b.jpg (53886 bytes) FL2-7  Calcite on Fluorite with Barite - Hardin Co., IL;  3.5 x 3.5 cm

Very dark purple cubes sitting next to a couple of mounds of barite.  Little white micro calcites add a nice effect.  The larger amber calcites shown on the left have some damage but it doesn't detract when displayed.  $15 Reserved

calcite_sph_hardin1a.jpg (46218 bytes) calcite_sph_hardin1b.jpg (42913 bytes) FL2-12  Calcite on Sphalerite - Minerva #1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock District, Hardin Co., IL;  4.5 x 2.75 cm

Slender amber brown spike-like crystals of calcite on a base of etched sphalerite.  The spiky calcite crystals are notorious for damage and these are in much better than average condition.  $25

fluorite_hardin25a.jpg (49040 bytes) fluorite_hardin25b.jpg (56919 bytes) LG-IL1  Barite on Fluorite - Annabel Lee Mine, Hardin Co., IL;   12 x 7.5 cm

Super cityscape covers the surface of this blue and purple zoned fluorite.  Small white 3-4 mm barite crystals sparsely scattered on front and back of the fluorite indicating the piece is a floater.  This piece is in excellent condition and displays well.  $100 Reserved

fluorite_hardin51a.jpg (41995 bytes)fluorite_hardin51b.jpg (40749 bytes) LG-IL19  Fluorite   -  Pope Co.?, Southern Illinois, IL;  14 x 9.5 cm

Very unusual pale almost colorless lilac crystal corner.   This one is a very old piece and looks like it may have come from the Gaskins Mine which is one of the few older workings which were in Pope County.  Neat triangular pattern from the zoning visible on the bottom.  This piece is also fluorescent which is not common in Southern Illinois fluorite.  $40 Reserved

calcite_hardin5a.jpg (42348 bytes) calcite_hardin5b.jpg (35731 bytes) IF3 - 12  Calcite - Minerva #1 Mine, Mine, Hardin Co., IL;  7.5 x 6 cm

Nice 2+ cm crystal spikes going in all directions with a cast of a fluorite crystal on the bottom.   This piece is in good condition espicially for these easily broken crystals.   $35

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