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tn_arseno_peru.jpg (74307 bytes) TN1-2  Arsenopyrite - Esparta Mine, Peru;  Sharp gray group  of crystals up to 6mm on 2 x 3 cm matrix  $7
tn_copper_ray1.jpg (58539 bytes)

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TN1-5  Copper - Ray Mine, Pinal Co., AZ;   Item A)  Nicely crystallized dendritic group of crystals 1.5 x 2 cm with nice patina  $8; 

Item B) Spinel twinned super nice spear point crystal (23 mm) with other crystals at the base  $14

tn_cuprite_cornwall1.jpg (43909 bytes) TN1-6  Cuprite on Copper - Wheal Basset, Illogan, Cornwall; Reddish cuprite micro crystals on 12 x 16 mm dendritic native copper. Old timer from a Victorian Spa Box $10  SOLD but similar available
tn_galena_twin1.jpg (50443 bytes) TN1-7  Galena - Buick Mine, Iron Co., MO; Rare spinel twinned tabular galena crystal perched on top of 2 x 2.5 cm in group of galena crystals with a partial dusting of drusy quartz $12
tn_planerite1.jpg (45354 bytes) TN1-11  Planerite - Mauldin Mtn Qry, Mt. Ida, AR; Nice  blue-green  botryoidal coating on all sides of a brecciated piece of matrix.  One of the few things on the list I self collected (about 16 years ago).   Top notch piece for the species for $20.  This stuff is rare. 
tn_amethyst_italy.jpg (23060 bytes) TN1-12  Quartz var. Amethyst - Osilo, Sardinia, Italy; Nice pale purple small 15 mm glassy crystal.   I saw  one moving water bubble in this piece before but couldn't relocate it today.  There are some nice negative crystals inside.  $6 SOLD
tn_smith_rush1.jpg (35530 bytes) TN1-13  Smithsonite - Monte Cristo Mine, Rush, AR; Yellow brown smithsonite coats a 8mm saddle shaped dolomite crystals with minor white calcite (usually phosphorescent).   Nice old classic location that has been bulldozed shut $7
tn_sulfer_mi.jpg (42454 bytes) TN1-15  Sulfer - Maybee, MI; Med to bright yellow single partially etched (or skeletal) from 1.5 x 3 to slightly larger than TN. The first batch I had of these sold out at Denver. These are neat and way cheaper than Italian ones $4-10.  This piece is 2 x 3 cm and $6
tn_uvite_mag1.jpg (33239 bytes) TN1-16  Uvite & Magnesite - Brumado Mine, Bahia, Brazil; Dark green double terminated tabular crystals of this less common tourmaline in groups of white to clear magnesite crystals. Item A) Two 5-7 mm uvites in a matrix 2 x 3 cm of 50+ magnesite crystals $10 (two micro chips on right crystal).  
tn_uvite_qtz1.jpg (40859 bytes) TN1-17  Uvite on Quartz - Brumado Mine, Bahia, Brazil; Deep green tabular double terminated crystals on mostly clear quartz crystals.  Two complete with other broken green uvite crystals on unterminated quartz prism.  $6

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